What is RustKote?

RustKote is the only product offering dual proprietary petroleum-based products applied during each application to completely protect your vehicle. One product is lighter and atomized or mixed with high-pressure air, which is applied inside all panels, doors, fenders, cavities, etc. The other product is thicker due to our added polymer, which is then applied to the undercarriage, frame, and wheel wells. This product neutralizes road salt and is designed to adhere to the metal on a molecular level. This is the most advanced rustproofing product available today!

RustKote can be applied in any and all-weather. The products are designed to eliminate moisture, allowing for easy and efficient application in rain or snow. If excess salt or mud buildup is present, we have the capabilities to clean and dry your undercarriage before application.

What to expect after your RustKote application:

We wash the vehicle to ensure there is no overspray on your windshield or side windows.

We recommend you keep out of car washes for 7- 10 days to allow RustKote to penetrate into your frame.

Due to treatment of your engine compartment and/or exhaust system, you will notice some burn off/steam and smell for a couple of days following your application.

You may also notice a small number of drips for 2-3 days at maximum. RustKote is not harmful to any vehicle surfaces and the drips are not permanent like a motor oil stain. You can clean RustKote with a mild degreaser or the drips will dissipate over time.

*Older/High Mileage Vehicles or Vehicles treated with other products will noticeably absorb our product quicker than expected. Our products are designed to coat healthy metal so they will penetrate a rusted surface faster than new metal. You will see dry spots in the worst rust areas regardless of how heavy we spray*

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Satisfied Customers

"This place is the absolute best! I have been taking my car here for the last couple years, Tom and his crew have always done an outstanding job. They point out anything that doesn't look right and give me updates if they had to treat an area differently. I truly trust them to keep my car protected year after year. If you're looking for the best service in WNY, then look no further than RustKote Total Care for all your rustproofing needs."

Timothy Wilson

"I wanted to protect my new Equinox for years to come. Tom and his team did a great job undercoating it and ceramic coating it. It looks amazing and stays clean looking for weeks now! I recommend RustKote Total Care to everyone that compliments how nice my car looks. Worth every penny. Also came back to have them do a complete interior and exterior detail. It looked beautiful! Thank you!

Racheal Barraclough

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