Armadillo Bedliners offer the best hard coating protection. BASF chemical produces the materials, making this the strongest bedliner available.

Spray on Bedliners are often better options for truck owners in the long term. Plastic liners are roughly $100 -$200 cheaper but the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you plan on keeping your truck for a long time, then spray on bedliners are the way to go.  Plastic drop in liners allow cargo to slide around and only serve as a “top layer” of protection for your truck bed. With a slight gap in between the plastic liner and bed surface we have seen many occasions where rust occurs under the “drop in liner”.

Each and every Armadillo liner we spray includes multiple hours of precise preparation. We take the time to scuff all the edges ensuring the bedliner product will never peel up or lead you to lose more of your bedliner. By scuffing to almost bare metal, it allows the chemicals to properly bond to your truck bed.

      • 6ft bed – $475 + tax
      • 8ft bed – $515 + tax
      • Over rail – Add $100

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