“By selling an old muscle car and motorcycle, I was fortunate to come up with enough money to buy a RustKote franchise”

Tom Piciulo opened his first RustKote location working out of the Sears Auto Center at the Eastern Hills Mall in October 2014. Quickly learning that the “rustproofing season” was already well underway in October in Buffalo he began to slowly grow his business with honesty, integrity and a hard work ethic.

“Most of my first customers had bad tastes in their mouths from other competitors, so I was getting a lot of business from people who just wanted the proper rustproofing application”

RustKote products take care of the rest, being the only company currently using two separate products with each full RustKote application.

By August 2015 Tom opened his second location on Walden Ave in Depew. On paper the business plan was to open as many locations as possible in the shortest amount of time, but going through the 2015 rustproofing season it turned out to be harder than anticipated.

“At one point I realized with multiple locations I was just competing with myself. Customers who I built relationships with in year one wanted to come to the location I was at”

By March of 2016 Tom decided to consolidate both locations into one super location hence “RustKote Total Care” was formed.

Our current showroom is complete, with many displays of various accessories offered. Tom is looking to add more products to better serve his customer needs. 

We will soon be under construction on a bigger workshop area. We will be expanding from 2 work bays to 8 work bays with plans for a larger interactive showroom in the future.

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